How to Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Blogger?

Not taking advantage of ever increasing mobile traffic is not very smart. Is it possible to create an AMP Blogspot blog? The steps are Simple and easy. Change your Blog into an AMP one and stay in top of Google Results. Follow the Step by Step instructions. Finish fast and load fast.

AMP Blogger - Why no?

That's for Google to answer.

We understand that Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was rolled out by Google to counter Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. While the technology used by Facebook & Apple to display feeds faster is specific to only to their platform, Google uses an open-source framework to be used by content publishers to serve content built using AMP HTML.

This is a big news for content publishers and platforms like Twitter, Pinterest etc. Blogger is one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools that is credited for popularising the format. It provides dynamic mobile views for the blogging compatibility with mobile devices and smart phones that enhances the readability accuracy on these smart devices.

We did expect Blogger to have this accelerated mobile loading capability with the launch of AMP. But No! Not yet atleast. AMP is now a most expected feature in Google's Blogger.

AMP Blogspot - Why not

So Is it not possible to create an AMP Blogspot? My answer is - Why not? amprandom.blogspot.in is an Accelerated Mobile Paged Blogspot.
Here is the step-by-step approach. This method can be used to create a fresh Blogspot AMP blog. A little coding knowledge is enough -Steps to create AMP Blogspot.